Marketing Services

We create all types of content

TV Style Commercials

A high quality advertisement is the best way to gain brand recognition and increase sales. From scratch or an existing idea you have, we bring your vision to life. Hybrid Forest takes pride in creating that "cinematic" look. We take great care in camera composition and lighting setups of our videos. We employ the latest in film-making technology like the RED Dragon cinema camera and editing on Premiere Pro and After Effects. Every commercial is delivered in stunning 4K quality.

Episodic Shows

Episodic video content such as educational show or regular product showcases. Creating content on a schedule is the best way to gain a loyal fan base and retain customers.

Social Media & Online Content

Posting videos on social media is one of our specialties, each video is delivered at the highest quality possible for the specific format. We create a package of stylized videos tailor made for your social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram optimized. Perfect for announcements, holidays, and promotions.

Product Demos

New cannabis products can profoundly benefit with a how-to video to fully explain the product to new consumers and vendors. Sell your product by teaching how it is used.

Company Videos

We create all types of video that companies may need: event videos, company culture videos, and employee instructional videos.

Video and Photo Editing Services

Already have created footage, however you need it curated and put together- we will take care of the rest. From the abstract to the extremely technical, we can handle the post production and distribution of your already created content.

Product and Lifestyle Photography

Showcase your product with premium imagery in-studio or on-location. High quality photographs build brands and convert customers.

Live-Streaming Conferences and Events

Stream an event through online outlets right to your prospects devices. When putting on a big event be sure to encapsulate your hard work.